Use What You Have! A Simple Matcha Latte

Photo by  蔡 嘉宇

Photo by 蔡 嘉宇

Matcha! Matcha! Matcha! I so appreciate and enjoy this calming stimulant more than you might imagine. I am not one to blab on about all the many benefits because it would take days...probably. However, you can trust me on this one or go google matcha for yourself! Matcha does my body and mental state good without causing my heart to pound or my head to spin. I can forget to have it until 3 or 4 pm and not worry about it affecting my sleep. I feel alert! I feel like me. This tea is a gift. 

To learn more about Matcha and the different qualities(there are many), I suggest checking out this book! This book covers everything from the history of matcha, to cooking with matcha, to matcha mixology and more. Santa brought it to me this Christmas and I am ever so pleased! Thank you Santa! ;) 

One thing I don't own yet is a bamboo whisk which can also range in quality. I do own a nice matcha and that is a HUGE step above from what I was drinking previously when I had no clue what to look for. You live and learn right?! Or at least hope to? Anyhow, lately I've been trying to think how I can accomplish something based on the following mentality; "Use what you have! You have everything you need!" #blessed #thankful Today, that reminder popped up again when I was longing for a good Matcha Latte during my son's nap. Below are a few windows into my creative thought process around food. Use what you have! You have everything you need.

What you will need (Equipment)

A French Press

A Saucepan

A Measuring Spoon

A Mesh Strainer

What you will need (Ingredients)

A good quality Matcha like this one or this one

Sweetener of your choice(optional) - I love Trader Joe's Coconut Sugar! 

Milk of your choice - I prefer a Grass-fed Dairy or Almond Milk

A Simple Matcha Latte

Matcha Cappuccino or Latte

1/4 cup filtered hot water

1 1/2 cups milk of choice heated

1-2 tsp sweetener of choice - optional

1-2 tsp Matcha - I used 1, but this makes two servings so adjust to your liking


Heat up your water in a kettle or saucepan. Bring it to a boil and take it off the heat. In the same saucepan, add your milk and bring to a gentle simmer. Remove from heat. While the milk is heating up, sift your matcha into the french press. Add your hot water. Once the milk is hot, but not too hot, add it to the french press also. Pump the plunger multiple times until you get the desired foam you want. Do it less for a latte and more for a cappuccino. I was amazed by how much foam I got using this simple method. The quality of foam was perfect too! Next add your sweetener to your teacup if using and pour in the matcha milk combination. I love how this came together so quickly, and I especially love that you can use what you have! You have everything you need! Sip, slurp and enjoy!

P.S. My love for my french press continues to grow and grow. I've got some examples to share in an upcoming post explaining why I love it so much! Subscribe or check back to hear more! 

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