5 Habits for Self-care

Incorporate these 5 habits for self-care and develop a more well-rounded you.

Me time. Whether you wake up 30 minutes early or 2 hours early, do it. I have found that when I can sneak out of bed before anyone else and devote that alone time to reading, meditation, exercise or even just a hot shower, I feel good about the rest of my day. As any good boy or girl scout would say; “Be Prepared” and preparation gives me a sense of peace.

Photo by  Seth Doyle

Photo by Seth Doyle

Take time to interrupt your thoughts and listen. When I do this, I am able to stop & recognize a negative thought pattern. Sometimes this looks like negative self-talk. When I pause I can regroup or acknowledge and appreciate the present.

Treat yourself. Treat your body to nourishing foods. When I eat more fruits and vegetables I am less likely to crave processed snacks or refined sugar. I am also more likely to savor my morning coffee or afternoon tea. When I do bake a cake or homemade brownies I can enjoy them without guilt because I appreciate the time and effort that went into making them. I know that this doesn’t make up the bulk of my diet.

Photo by  Iwona Łach

Photo by Iwona Łach

Step outside. Step into new surroundings. It might sound like all I do is take breaks, but the truth is if breaks aren’t scheduled along with the rest of my day, I am likely to feel as though I ran around like a crazy, busy, short tempered mother with food all over her clothes and the idea that I haven’t accomplished enough. So, step outside and take a big breath of air in nature.

Photo by  Simon Maage

Photo by Simon Maage

Find gratitude. Recounting moments from the day that I can be grateful for really reenergizes me. This habit is like a free attitude adjustment. All you have to do is make a habit of regularly checking in to find gratitude in the day or the situation. I like to do this at breakfast and as I lie my head on the pillow at night.

Self-care comes in many forms. Making any or all of these habits part of your daily routine will only improve your life.