Flower Child Heirlooms

This is my office. KEEP READING. It’s part of it. The other night I was chatting with Nathan about some of my favorite gardening people (a.k.a. – heroes). I was reading to him several short bios, most of which told when they were bitten by the gardening bug. He turned to me and asked when I was bitten. I had to think about it. I thought back to each apartment we lived in prior to buying our yard that came with a house. I went further back and thought about each house I grew up in. I could not remember a time when I was not living in the company of plants. My mother, her mother and her mother before her all grew kitchen gardens. My great grandfather had a dairy farm and on it was a plot of edibles to feed the family.

In my very first apartment I had a collection of herbs in containers on my third floor balcony. It was lacking sunlight and the plants were failing miserably. I was desperate to inhabit the space with them, so I would take them down the three flights of stairs to the pool with me where we’d sun together. Every year going forward I’d kill a plant here and there, but I’d nurture a few more. Every spring and summer here on our property, we have expanded our garden along with our knowledge for how to care for each plant as well as outsmart the deer, rabbits and squirrels.  This year I finally made the decision to garden year round because I just cannot stay out of the garden for a whole winter. When you spend as much time outside in your yard as we do and you see your garden expand like we have, you might consider moving to the country. Well… we have decided to stay in the city AND continue expanding our garden.

I made the decision to start a teeny tiny little micro nursery that focuses on heirloom plants. These are ideal for anyone, especially those with limited space. This may be the Queen City, but less space doesn’t have to mean fewer plants. My goal is to help build gardens one heirloom seedling at a time. I am just getting started in this little shed and I plan to continue sharing our #gardenlife with you. If you read this far, give me a double tap! Please know that I am sending you a virtual hug.

For inquiries, including pop-up events contact lauren@flowerchildheirlooms.com

P.S. I do NOT consider myself a plant expert and I don’t think I ever shall. I AM continuing my education and plan to for as long as I live.