2 months - Seasonal Blooms

2 months - Seasonal Blooms


Our season in bloom is a recurring delivery of blooms. 2 months of seasonal blooms are delivered once a month during July & August.

Delivery Dates:

Friday, July 19 & Friday, August 16

Blooms vary each season and are grown using organic farming practices. We grow heirloom, open-pollinated and native flower varieties with a long cherished history. We choose not to grow hybrid varieties as we treasure the romantic act of preserving seeds and practice seed saving here on our little urban farm. Each market style bouquet arrives in a quart sized mason jar filled with water and flower food. Ideally, the recipient will be present the day of delivery as flowers do not like the heat of summer once cut. We gladly accept used quart size mason jars as this helps us to reduce, reuse and recycle potential waste as well as keep costs down. Thank you for choosing Flower Child Heirlooms!

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