About Cartwheel revival

Years ago, I decided if I ever had a band it would be called Cartwheel Revival. I came up with this name as a child really. From a young age, I was determined to maintain good health physically and mentally. Physically, so I could be the one to teach my children how to do cartwheels and climb trees and mentally, so I could teach them how to stay connected to their inner child or at least find their way back.

I'm not in a band(my sister is), but I find the name fits my life very well, whatever the season. 

I've found adulthood can be quite depressing if you let things get too serious and stray from who you are. So far this journey has been full of life lessons, the most important being: Life is short. Be light. 

For me this means being present, but also taking time to let my imagination run wild with dreams about the future. It means slowing down, crafting, taking walks, listening to nature and the very sound of my breath. I get angry, depressed and frustrated too.

These are my methods of moving past the lows and onto the highs. I hope you'll join me, leave a comment or share a story. Be light!